Covid-19 Update Relating to Our Legal Services

Safety Measures

To help ensure the safety of our clients and law firm team during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in compliance with applicable health and safety orders, regulations and recommendations, Lynne Bruzzese, Attorney at Law, P.C. has instituted a number of changes to the manner in which we deliver our services. Specifically, during this time, our office door remains locked and staff work almost entirely remotely. We schedule appointments for clients and others to drop off and pick up documents at our office with precautions such as social distancing, masking and disinfection of surfaces in place at all times.

Client appointments are held primarily by telephone or video conference, and only if necessary in person at a table in a sheltered outdoor location immediately adjacent to our office. Estate planning document signings and notarizations take place in the same sheltered outdoor location as any necessary in-person client appointments. We require masking during outdoor appointments and document signings and notarizations, and we make gloves and disinfectant available to any client, witness or staff member who wishes to use them. Clients and witnesses also may choose to remain in their vehicles in our parking lot during document signings.

We at Lynne Bruzzese, Attorney at Law, P.C. look forward to safely returning to having our office door open during business hours so that we may greet and meet with our clients in person and unmasked. Until then, we greatly appreciate everyone’s understanding of and cooperation with our safety protocols and modified service delivery procedures.